Environmental Research


Environmental Performance by Numbers

We help organizations to assess and quantify the environmental performance for defining solid milestones and recognize achievements. Our environmental research team studies projects in air pollution, water pollution as well as landfills.

Environmental impact of vehicles, facilities and projects are investigated by our research team, and various kinds of interactions are reported. Ocean Dynamex is particularly experienced in air emissions and air pollutants. By utilizing our predictive modules, environmental impact and emissions are not only quantified for present, but we also project potential changes and trends with the choice of fuel and equipment. We develop our proprietary models and numerical solutions to extrapolate future prospects.


Emissions from Ships, Terminals and Ports

Ocean Dynamex has an established scientific platform and research experience about ship emissions, marine energy systems, marine bunkers (fuel oil, VLSFO, LNG, bio-LNG, synthetic LNG, biofuel, methanol, ammonia, Hydrogen fuel cells, renewables, small modular reactors-SMRs, among others). Our marine energy practice grows everyday with newer and alternative energy systems.

Our emission performance reports translate the environmental measures and policies into quantifiable and solid indicators as the volume of pollutants, emission reduction or energy saved.

Our emission performance studies are demanded by marine technology developers, green ship financing institutions, ship owners, terminal operators and governments to gain visibility into their environmental efforts and make future more comprehensible in a period of ‘analysis paralysis’ led by redundancy of solutions.



How can the maritime industry power such floating giants, the global shipping fleet which enables a complex web of logistics, while eliminating its carbon footprint? Now that is the billion-dollar question for an industry which is responsible for the transport of almost everything that we use. At Ocean Dynamex, we investigate various solutions, and we question every gap to reach out a trajectory that would survive the test of time, economies of scale and compatibility with the future of opportunities. In this report, we provide an insight and foresight for the development of natural gas as marine fuel from the perspectives of environmental, economic and engineering performance.

Our recent study on the use of natural gas as a marine fuel sheds light into various questions regarding the LNG market, emission characteristics, environmental gain, LNG bunkering and the future of LNG fuel.


Nature of Natural Gas and LNG Market | LNG and LNG Bunker Prices | Commoditization of LNG | Particulars of Competing Fuels | Environmental Impact of LNG | Ship Emission with LNG Fuel compared to VLSFO | Methane Slip & Methane Emissions in general | Well-to-Tank Emission Characteristics | LNG Bunkering

Environmental Research

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