Know-Why in Business Intelligence and Engineering

Ocean Dynamex is an independent engineering and consulting firm with cutting-edge expertise in business intelligence, predictive analytics, predictive workflow systems, mathematical modelling, algorithmic systems, system and control engineering, economic and financial analysis as well as strategic business consulting.

We lead industries and businesses with extraordinary solutions which create absolute competitive advantage for our clients. Over 1,000 experts in the global network of Ocean Dynamex develop and improve systems of future. We always work with the best talent and thought leaders who are skilled in ‘know-why’ of their field in addition to ‘know-how’. We look for talents who have deep understanding of their domain knowledge in technical, experiential as well as temporal dimensions.

Ocean Dynamex has one of the leading quantitative teams in the world gathering profession in engineering, math, operations research and social science to deliver the state-of-art solutions to our clients’ business and engineering problems. In-house consultants and experts in its network are among creators, leading minds, futurists and strategic thinkers in various industries.

Discovering Blue Oceans

We frequently communicate with academic and professional developers and inventors to stay ahead of the curve and bring all potential choices and instruments to our intellectual pool. Ocean Dynamex does not stick to conventional ways and ‘comfort zone’. We always challenge our knowledge and sources of information to capture the right curve in the right time. Ocean Dynamex is a family of self-engine critical thinkers and developers discovering and supporting the first mover product and services.

Our strategic consulting team investigates clients’ job assignments and translates problem sets into various domains relevant to the core requirements. Based on the context, experts in engineering, business, computing, science or social science evaluate assignments collectively to reach out the most up-to-date solution.

An Intelligent Expert Network

Ocean Dynamex can also connect business to relevant experts for insights and exclusive knowledge sharing. In our global network, we communicate with 1,000+ professionals in consulting, engineering, science, medicine, public affairs and social science to explore and identify ‘asymmetric knowledge’ for our products and services as well as our clients’ requirements.

Explore and identify

‘asymmetric knowledge’

Hypercasting Solutions

‘Hypercast’ is our corporate verb that we use internally in the meaning of chasing for the best process design in a given problem set. We hypercast outperforming process design and systems in various domains by utilizing the state-of-art methodologies as well as working with the best talent. Our products and services push boundaries, create asymmetric solutions and competitive intelligence by identifying hidden spaces and mining the outstanding developments.

In our predictive products and services, hypercasting refers to the detection and monitoring of the most accurate and robust forecasting algorithms.

    Ocean Dynamex Inc. is a consulting firm specialized in predictive analytics, predictive workflow systems, algorithmic solutions, economic and financial analysis as well as strategic business consulting.


    Kanata ON, Canada