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Our unbiased consultancy and engineering services help organizations in strategic foresight, algorithmic solutions, market intelligence, economic advisory and various kinds of computational intelligence cases.

Algorithmic Solutions
  • Forecasting Studies & Demand Forecasting
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • System Identification and Mathematical Modelling
  • Process Optimization
  • Valuation Services
  • Machine Learning Systems
  • Environmental Analytics, Emission Accounting and Projections for Policy Analysis
Economic and Financial Advisory
  • Investment Appraisals and Monitoring
  • Project Valuation & Investment Timing Analysis
  • Economic and Political Analysis
  • Country Analysis (Economic, Political, Demographic, Business Convenience, Risk, among others)
  • Trade Analysis
  • Commodity Markets
  • Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  • Shipping Markets, Dry Bulk Shipping, Sale & Purchase Market, Ship Investments
Strategic and Organizational Consulting
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Strategic Design and Planning
  • Technology Forecasting
  • Enterprise Technology Implementation and Future Proofing
  • Ecosystem Lay-Out & Industrial Roadmap
  • Entrepreneurship, Incubation Centers and Start-Up Space
  • Organizational Culture, Transformation and Soulcraft
  • Ethical Standardization and Policy Development
Marketing and Brand Management
  • Corporate Identity Building
  • Brand Development & Management
  • Campaign Design & Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Rebranding
Corporate Training Services
  • Financial Forecasting Masterclass: Philosophy, Technique and State of Art
  • Strategic Planning and Design: Foresight, Intelligence and Divergence
  • Ship Investments and Finance
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Court or Arbitration Tribunal
  • Algorithmic Solutions for Litigation
  • Numerical Proofing
  • Valuation Disputes, Fair Market Valuation, Orderly Liquidation Value, Fairness Support
  • Computational Intelligence for Forensic

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Foresight is an evitable component of any decision-making process, and today’s industries need accurate and viable predictive solutions to regulate their business in chaotic financial circumstances. The hallmark products and services of Ocean Dynamex lie on this pain point.

Most strategic decisions require an economic assessment and accordingly the collection of economic and market intelligence to gain visibility and to penetrate into the realm of business and environment.

Our consultants are polymaths and autodidacts who have immense intellectual coverage on multiple disciplines stretching from business management to engineering, and we receive every project with multi-disciplinary mindset to achieve the best result, highest performance and premium solutions.

Ocean Dynamex offers a stream of mathematical modelling and optimization services for industrial problems. Our algorithmic solutions team investigate and develop mathematical representations to variety of systems and their bottlenecks to reduce time, energy, distance, consumption, fuel, facility workload and so on.

The raise of computational technologies and artificial intelligence has brought critical risks regarding to the computational fraud, unethical practices, complexity exploitation, pseudo-AI and many other forms of biases.

Considering the complexity of industrial markets and counterincentives leading minor-to-major expert biases, we provide our independent and confidential consultancy on the assessment of investments as well as monitoring for technical competence in certain asset classes.

    Ocean Dynamex Inc. is a consulting firm specialized in predictive analytics, predictive workflow systems, algorithmic solutions, economic and financial analysis as well as strategic business consulting.


    Kanata ON, Canada