Computational Intelligence: Audit and Monitoring

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Computational Intelligence Audit and Monitoring

The raise of computational technologies and artificial intelligence has brought critical risks regarding to the computational fraud, unethical practices, complexity exploitation, pseudo-AI and many other forms of biases. In the sophisticated space of coding and process design, various kinds of fraudulent practices can be obscured from the visibility of senior management or organization’s clients. The knowledge gap between data analytics and engineering teams and their executives is considerably large in vast majority of organizations. Accordingly, the quality and soundness of computational functions may need to be investigated and monitored by an external and independent auditor to eliminate any fraudulent activities against the organization or its customers as well as improving the efficiency of services.

As an independent auditor, our Responsible AI unit investigates analytics teams, computational intelligence services and other functions as client’s request. Our services are conducted in confidential basis, and our auditors do not require any confidential data. The structure of our investigation is discussed and planned with client to ensure the security of any competitive information. There are ways to filter and obfuscate confidential data if it is really necessary. Most computational intelligence systems can be tested by its product (outcome) or general working principles. In certain cases, we advise on ways to conduct particular investigations to senior management. Some requests may not be met in our Responsible AI program, and we kindly decline working on such projects.


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What is the Responsible AI?

With the emergence of today’s gigantic business analytics market, many problems have arisen in the organizational and individual level. Due to the inherited complication in the computational space, the visibility and transparency of work quality and performance may not be clear and accessible to executives majoring in different fields. As a result, the complexity of computational services has been exploited by incompetent and/or fraudulent team members by deceptive computer programs, exaggerated computational performance, data leakage, among others.

In addition to that, AI systems may not satisfy a minimum security of privacy, protection against identity theft and other kinds of systemic biases.

Responsible AI is a concept to achieve fairness, quality, transparency and validity of computational intelligence for the good of organizations and users. The cost of failure in any of above-mentioned biases can be as big as collapsing the entire organization, legal penalties, loss of brand value and customer loyalty, loss of time and capital invested, among others.

"Computational intelligence is an immense space for fraud, appropriation of proprietary assets and deceptive work"

Computational Intelligence: Audit and Monitoring

Ocean Dynamex acts on behalf of senior managers and owners based on the principles agreed upon the scope of our consultancy service. We help organizations to correct unobserved biases and develop sustainable and secure ecosystem for computational intelligence.

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