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Mathematical Modelling and Optimization Services

Industrial Solutions

Ocean Dynamex offers a stream of mathematical modelling and optimization services for industrial problems. Our algorithmic solutions team investigate and develop mathematical representations to variety of systems and their bottlenecks to reduce time, energy, distance, consumption, fuel, facility workload and so on. Our expertise consists of routing problems (aircraft, ship, truck), location selection, order of production and many other similar problem sets merged with our proprietary predictive units.

Our Methodology

We employ a broad range of mathematical and computational techniques in dealing with clients’ numerical problems including (but not limited to) differential equations, probabilistic analysis, system identification, linear and non-linear optimization (convex and non-convex), genetic algorithm, agent-based modelling, time series analysis, fuzzy logic, neural networks, among others.


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Productivity, Efficiency & Effectiveness

A project lead investigates client’s problem and defines its components to transform into a rule-based (e.g. pseudo code) structure for engineering study. During process, we communicate with clients to confirm if our reception of problem is well identified. We may reformulate problems, offer a spectrum of alternative solutions and propose a project budget to accomplish our task. We may also work with client’s in-house engineers to embed an internal solution by guiding and training.

Ocean Dynamex works with in-house engineers as well as outsourcing researchers and quants to achieve intended result and ensure performance goals regarding the improvement of Productivity, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Use Cases

  • Fleet routing and scheduling for aviation, maritime, automobile and trucking industries
  • Warehouse utilization and sharing
  • Inventory optimization
  • Fuel reduction and refueling location optimization
  • HVAC – heating and cooling system optimizations
  • Staff or vehicle allocation problems
  • Service order optimizations

Reduce Time, Consumption, Cost and Workload

Industrial Engineering Services

Clients are invited to discuss their needs with our Customer Reception & Sales Representatives for a preliminary assessment.

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