Management Consulting

Strategy Consulting is Philosophy Consulting

Crafting a strategic edge

Management consulting is one of the practice units of Ocean Dynamex enriched with its excellence in the analytics consulting stream. Our consultants are polymaths and autodidacts who have immense intellectual coverage on multiple disciplines stretching from business management to engineering, from philosophy to political science, from art to natural sciences, and we receive every project with multi-disciplinary mindset to achieve the best result, highest performance and premium solutions.

Our Scope and Practice

  • Go-To-Market Strategy, New product and new market solutions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Organizational design and soulcraft
  • Venture investing philosophy and strategic planning
  • Start-Up and Innovation Ecosystem Strategy
  • Strategic HR and team building
  • Upskilling and reskilling strategies
  • Public policy and national strategies
  • Deregulation, self-regulation and channelization strategy
  • Education philosophy
  • Strategy for ethical resilience
  • Technology survival and transformations
  • Organization reengineering

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Return of Renaissance Thinkers

Today’s strategic problems cannot be reduced to a particular profession and narrative of few years. Organizations need to take gigantic number of factors and drivers of business, society, social-psychology, political circumstances and many more subject matter topics, and yet, conventional consultants are not trained to distinguish delicate ingredients of long-lasting and resistant solutions.

The future of consulting business is about the Renaissance approach in the age of rapid development, disruption, transformation and redefinition of ordinary things. COVID-19 is not the first and the last global disruption of the history. Strategies for resilience and progress require in-depth understanding of the axis cutting across sociology, technology, philosophy, science and engineering (among others). It is seeking more than ‘know-how’. We chase the Know-Why, we challenge the Know-How.

Know-How is well capable of developing great looking products and services, but it does not ask some critical questions to test if great ideas really work. For example,

  • Why do self-driving cars cause more stress?
  • Why does Blockchain technology offer various efficiencies but firms still resist implementing?
  • Why do rewards deteriorate ethical sharpness of senior manager or employee?
  • Why do we fail to foresee big but rare mistakes?
  • Why do start-up accelerators usually fail to identify the next big thing? Why is it not a problem at all?


"We chase the Know-Why, we challenge the Know-How."

Management Consulting

Our strategy practice experts pursue the discovery of suitable and valid philosophy for clients and assist development of outperforming strategies in line with the ever-expanding organizations. We craft client’s identity, message and posture. Our strategy philosophers offer the greatest asymmetric knowledge of all, the essential competitive edge, we incubate a culture and way of thinking in our clients’ internal ecosystem.

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