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Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning (PAML) Solutions

Foresight is an evitable component of any decision-making process, and today’s industries need accurate and viable predictive solutions to regulate their business in chaotic financial circumstances. The hallmark products and services of Ocean Dynamex lie on this pain point. Our team has developed and continuously improve our proprietary algorithms and predictive systems for various forecasting problems faced by wide range of industries. For given predictive problems, our algorithms would reflect any foreseeable changes as far as predictability is present in the system. In this regard, testing and monitoring of predictability are essential in our predictive services, and we report changes in timely manner instead of pretending predictive power.

We invent the methodology

Our research team is composed of independent experts who do not only understand mechanics of analytics, but they also discover and invent new methodologies. Forecasting is more than  numerical extrapolations. It is a philosophy and complex phenomenon comprising multiple disciplines. Therefore, we always explore and experiment the boundaries of the predictive model space, relevant scientific developments and the industry.

Our methodological pool consists of a broad range of techniques for system identification and extrapolation such as:

QuantXTM is the generic name for our proprietary models developed by our thought leaders and quants, and it consists of series of unique methodologies beyond many traditional modelling strategies.

Fundamental Models and Time Series Analysis

SVM, ANN, NLP, among others.

System Dynamics modelling for complex problems.

Random Forest, Gradient Boost Trees, Ensemble Methods.

Econophysics is the application of the principles of physics to the study of economic phenomenon, and the econophysicists investigate some perplexing topics in economics and reducing them to a few general principles with mathematical equations borrowed from the study of disordered materials.

MPC is a methodology to manipulate systems with control loops to gain desired outcome based on predictions of the system. In this regard, MPC is more relevant for prescriptive and pre-emptive analytics.

Analytix Platform

Forecasting operations are classified in three stages of our methodology called AnalytiXPlatformTM

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QuantXTM is the generic name for our proprietary models developed by our thought leaders and quants, and it consists of series of unique methodologies beyond many traditional modelling strategies. By utilizing our algorithmic structure, QuantXTM is capable of building models where most data scientists are even not aware of.

Prediction is an Asymmetric Knowledge

The nature of predictions is quite paradoxical. A prediction would work and become valuable as far as utilized by a select group of users. When predictions are published publicly available platforms or distributed to large number of subscribers, users’ adaptation to predicted circumstances negates the anticipated outcome and reduces the competitive advantage.

Predictions are asymmetric knowledge by nature to gain a competitive edge and outperform rivals or common behavior of crowds. Most predictions are distributed to large number of subscribers one way or the other. In Ocean DynamexTM, we monitor circulation of predictions, manipulative actors and the meta-prediction (predicting predictions of competitors) to ensure durability and business value of our work.

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Prescriptive and Pre-Emptive Analytics

One-step further in the analytics is the utilization of predictive knowledge in manipulation of operations and revision of strategies to take competitive advantage over forward looking intelligence. Prescriptive analytics is the term referring to activities in achieving organizational objectives by manipulation of projected future with instruments and systems at the present. In other words, it is about the definition and pursuant of a particular course of action based on anticipated prospects of the business.

In contrast to predictive analytics, prescriptive analysis requires slightly different methodologies and alternative uses of predictive algorithms.

In a similar vein, pre-emptive analytics also deals with the manipulation of the ordinary course of action while its emphasis would be on the elimination of threats and challenges. Therefore, pre-emptive analytics is an essential component of strategic management. In conventional strategic analysis, threats are expected to be discarded by strengthening certain organizational sections and employment of strengths (as in SWOT analysis). Pre-emptive analytics shed light on the choice of tactics or strategies in the macro level.

Ocean Dynamex assists organizations to develop a competitive edge and strategic advantage by implementing prescriptive and pre-emptive tools.


Ocean Dynamex helps organizations to gain competitive edge by improving visibility of their business.

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